Sunday, December 26, 2010

Last Date For Change of Option as per Rule No.11 CCS Rules(Revised Pay) 2008 is 31.12.2010


When the 6th pay commission was implemented ,all central govt employees were asked to give option form as per rule No:11 in the CCS (Revised Pay) Rules-2008, it was asked that whether the implementation of 6th cpc is to be from 01/01/2006 or on any other date(Promotion/Increment). Almost all employees opted 01/01/2006 for the implementation But employees requested in the JCM level that, they may get additional financial benefit of they option for any other date rather than 01/01/2006.The govt accepted the JCM’s(National Anomaly Committee) opinion and provide one more chance to give new option as per Rule No.11 to the beneficial employees. This chance is closing at 31.12.2010.

Particularly employees who got promotion after 01/10/2006, have to calculated the differences individually and they may get some financial benefit the last Date for this exercise is an 31st December, 2010

What says Rule No.11…

Fixation of pay in the revised pay structure subsequent to the 1st day of January,2006 -

“where a Government servant continues to draw his pay in the existing scale and is brought over to the revised pay structure from a date later than the 1st day of January 2006,his pay from the later date in the revised pay structure shall be fixed in the following manner;-

(i) Pay in the pay band will be fixed by adding the basic pay applicable on the later date,the dearness pay applicable on that date and the pre-revised dearness allowance based on rates applicable as on 1.1.2006.this figure will be rounded off to the next multiple of 10 and will then become the pay in the applicable pay band. In addition to this, the grade pay corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale will be payable .Where the Government servant is in receipt of special pay or non-practicing allowance ,the methodology followed will be as prescribed in Rule 7(i),(B),(C) or (D) as applicable, except that the basic pay and dearness pay to be taken into account will be the basic pay and dearness pay applicable as on that date but dearness allowance will be calculated as per rates applicable on 1.1.2006.”

See the table given below for your information…
Except the first two basic pay(pre-revised scale) multiply with 1.86, there is some difference with comparing to others. Please follow this article, clarify your pay fixation details individually once again before give option…

Pre-Rev.BP Mul.Fac. Tot. Round. Fitment Diff.
3050 1.86 5673 5680 5880 200
3200 1.86 5959 5960 6060 100
4000 1.86 7440 7440 7440 -
4500 1.86 8370 8370 8370 -
5000 1.86 9300 9300 9300 -