Thursday, November 11, 2010

Health Ministry implements New Health Insurance for Central Government Employees and Pensioners

Health Ministry implements New Health Insurance for Central Government Employees and Pensioners

Details of the meeting held between members of the National Council (JCM) and the Health Ministry regarding CGEPHIS.

On 14-07-2010, a meeting was held between Staff Side members of National Council (JCM) and the Ministry of Health regarding the new proposed Health Insurance Scheme for Central Government Employees and Pensioners.

The Joint Secretary (Regulation) Shri. Vinet Chawdhry presided over the meeting.

The Staff Side members
Shri. S.K.Vyas (Audit),
Shri. C.Srikumar (AIDEF),
Shri. Shiv Gopal Mishra (AIRF) and
Shri. Guman Singh (NFIR) attended the meeting.

The chairman welcomed the Staff Side National Council members to the meeting to discuss the proposed Central Government Employees & Pensioners Health Insurance Scheme (CGEPHIS). He further explained the benefits arising out of the new proposed scheme in detailed and the Union Government is eager to implement this scheme as soon as possible, as recommended in the 6th CPC and to directions of Committee of Secretaries (COS).

After the detailed speech by the Chairman, members also expressed their own views. The explained the discrepancies of this new Health Insurance scheme and also requested the ministry to expand the existing Central Government Health Scheme. They also insisted that some points in the CS (MA) Rules should be withdrawn and it should be useful for the serving employees as well as pensioners.

As some news sources said that, finally the members concluded that they were against the new Health Insurance Scheme and they further opined that the proposed Health Scheme will also deprive the existing benefits available to the employees and pensioners viz. OPD facilities, coverage to all dependent family members etc. Extension to all CS(MA) Rules, 1944 to all pensioners living in Non CGHS areas is their long pending demand.

Source: Government Employees News


Anonymous,  November 11, 2010 at 1:21 PM  

The Openion of the Members in the Meeting is agreed to. But what I feel,there should be two tier system for Health Protection. One for Regular/Periodical Check up and Indoor treatment facilities.For Health check up all the family members restricted to three plus self should be covered in this process and Government would reimburse the expenditure.As of now Hospitals particularly private are charging around Rs. 1000/= to Rs. 1500/= for check up. This would prevent frequent medical expenditures. Even if, there is petty expenditure on medical ground this should be borned by the Government employees.For Major deceases Government would give special sanction for reimbursement of Medical Expenditure. On an average Rs. 500/= per month may taken as Periodical Medical Expenditure, under which periodical check up would include. For Indoor treatment CGHS Rate would be applicable for Reimbursemnt.

Anonymous,  November 12, 2010 at 2:21 PM  

what about out-patient treatment?